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Geometric shape Stencil Multipack

Geometric shape Stencil Multipack

SKU: FStenmultishape

Cleary mark your schools lines, boundaries or que system with this multipack of stencils.


Simply place the 3mm foamex stencils on the ground a spay over it with line marking paint which can be purhased at your local DIY centre.


Made from 3mm foamex so you can use again and again.


Easy to use to mark social distancing in school yards, classrooms and hallways.


Create boundaries or mark school lines with a different shape for each class.


Multipack contains 8 individual stencils. 
Square, circle, star, crescent, pentagon, triangle, rectangle, diamond

to clear cleary mark a shape for each class group. 

Product Dimensions: H: 30cm x W: 40cm

For large orders, contact us here for a quote.

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