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Digital cutting

Our Digital Cutting table is highly accurate and operates with incredible speed. It can cut everything from stickers to POS displays made from cards. Its unique fold wheel creates a channel where the card can easily be folded. We can cut stickers, pos displays, retail signs, countertop displays, custom boxes, and cardboard cutouts. Contact us below to get more info or to ask us any questions.  

CNC router Benefits 

  • Precision and accuracy - Uses laser precision for accurate cuts.

  • Speed - High-speed cutting. 

  • Quick delivery - Our Digital cutting table is fast so we have quick turnaround times for all our letters and cuts. 

  • Different materials - We can cut through paper, card, vinyl, correx, foamboard and plastics. 

  • Cost-effective - Its high speed saves time. 

  • Quantity: We can cut fast and through layered substrate so no job is too big or small.

  • All industries - Our products are suitable for all businesses such as Pharmaceutical(even clean room), bars, restaurants, retail, construction, education, walkways and forestry. 

  • Products - stickers, pos displays, retail signs, countertop displays, custom boxes, cardboard cutouts. 

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